Most Natural Stomach Tea Remedies


Most Natural Stomach Tea Remedies

It is undeniable if the natural way is the first alternative to resolve or cure a disease.

Why ?

Because the traditional method is relatively more anonymous and safer than ready-to-use products. Not infrequently when compounding the ingredients applied are plants that are not uncommon to be found everyday.

But if you are constrained by activity or do not want to be complicated in the processing of applying penis enlargement drugs ready to use such as pencirum, klg, hammer of thor, Papua leech oil, and other ready-to-use products are the most suitable alternative

Especially for you to mix your own penis enlargement drug, so applying stale tea is a pretty good alternative.

Here are the steps for making it

  • Prepare 3 tablespoons of tea (remember not to teabag)
  • Brew the tea by applying hot water + 500ml.
  • The location of tea in such an area has been provided for 5 days.
    On day 6. Soak your penis for 15 minutes in stale tea steeping.
  • Previously warm up specifically by soaking your genitals in warm water for 5 minutes.
  • After you have finished throwing out the stale tea contents, then brew 2-3 spoonfuls, so which of these teas can you use for the next 5 days.


To get optimal results do it routinely for 3 months. And look at the end that is truly truly satisfying.

that’s the method of making a male penis enlarger by applying stale tea. then the method of processing the sogili or eel head so that the big penis is long