How to Choose the Best Online DominoQQ Indonesia Site

How to Choose the Best Online DominoQQ Indonesia Site


Judi poker have been around for a long time from our ancient ancestors. It’s just possible that distinguishes it in terms of game methods only. In ancient times still using a method that is fairly manual and traditional, while at this time gambling games can be played practically or online with the help of internet access. Lots of different gambling games ranging from Online Poker, Domino QQ and other interesting games.

The domino qq game is basically a type of card game like poker. It’s just that the method of playing from dominoes is different from poker. This game can be played offline or also online at this time. Maybe if we realize that this game is very often played by people when relaxing just to fill in spare time without betting. However, there are also those who make this game for betting offline and the latest at this time is online betting.

Like poker, dominoes have also become one of the most popular gambling games among the bettor. This is proven by the number of bettor who access this game because it is considered quite exciting and can generate bonuses or large profits. Even now many online gambling agents provide access to online domino games.

To get satisfying results from betting we do, of course, must be able to understand the type of game that is followed and also must be careful in choosing a gambling agent. These two things are interrelated aspects so it is very important to note. Well, on this occasion the author will review a little about the guide how to play qq dominoes.


For those of you who often play dominoes may already be familiar with how to play it. Online domino betting games also use the same method so that it doesn’t seem a difficult thing to understand this one game.

Domio QQ has 28 cards that will be used in the game. As for the maximum number of players which is 6 people and each get 4 cards. Please note that each domino has two parts, namely the top and bottom which are bound by a line. Each card must have a different nominal, so the grouping needs to be understood.

  • SERIES 0
    For the first series, it is series 0 which has 7 cards and each card has a side with a blank circle.
  • SERIES 1
    Series 1 has a total of 6 cards and each card has a side with 1 circle.
  • SERIES 2
    Series 2 has 5 cards with each card having 2 circles.
  • SERIES 3
    Series 3 has 4 cards and each card has 3 rounded sides.
  • SERIES 4
    The number of cards for series 4 is 3 cards and has 4 side edges
  • SERIES 5
    There are 2 cards with each card having 5 rounded sides.
  • SERIES 6
    Only 1 card for 6 series and 6 spheres on both sides (Balak 6)

In this online qq domino game there is a winning card, which is called the highest number of logs, the possession of the highest number of cards and the round number.

The highest number of points means the winner will be determined by the number of cards he has. For the highest number of rounds, the winner is determined by the highest number of circles in 1 part of the card. Whereas the possession of a log card means that the featured player is the player who has the log card in the hand of the player who does not have the card.