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 Boils | Boil Home Remedies

Click here for an all natural step by step guide to eliminating boils.

Boils are round, red, painful, pus-filled bumps on the skin that are caused by a bacteria infection. When a staphylococcus aureus (staph) infection infects a hair follicle it develops deep in the root of the follicle and works its way to the skin's surface, forming a boil. Most people will notice mild pain, itching, and swelling at first. Usually within a day the boil becomes red and begins to fill with puss and becomes increasingly painful.

Click here for an all natural step by step guide to eliminating boils.

When a boil first begins to develop, it is small, red, and tender. After a few days the boil begins to collect pus, which is actually a mass of white blood cells that your body's immune system has sent to fight the infection. The center of the boil begins to take on a whitish color.

Learn more about Boils:

Click here for an all natural step by step guide to eliminating boils.

Skin boils are very common and usually appear on the scalp, face, underarms or buttocks. Although most people with boils are otherwise healthy, there can be several reasons why you have developed a boil. Reasons your body was too weak to fight the staph infection before it formed a boil include stress, illness, decreased immunity, toxicity, allergy, poor nutrition, diabetes or thyroid imbalance. Very rarely is a boil caused by poor hygiene. In fact, if you are susceptible, you can develop a boil no matter how hygienic you may be.

Boils are exceptionally contagious. If the pus leaks from the boil it can spread to nearby skin and cause more boils to form. Pus can also enter the blood stream and spread the infection to other parts of the body. Multiple boils are called carbuncles. Carbuncles, on top of being extremely painful, usually require medical attention. This is why it is exceedingly important to heal a boil as soon as it appears; not only will proper handling prevent a boil from spreading or becoming worse, it can also help your body fight the infection quicker and end your suffering faster.

Boils can be extraordinarily painful. When a boil develops the pain and discomfort can make your life miserable. It becomes difficult to concentrate on little else but the pain, its torture to have anything touch the boil - especially clothing, and it is painful to participate in activities you usually enjoy. Boils can negatively affect every aspect of your life and it is important to solve the problem as soon as it develops.

Your first step is to disinfect the area of the boil to prevent the infection from spreading. Use a good anti-bacterial soap and a disposable cloth. Baby wipes are great for this.

The second step is to boost your immune system to fight against future breakouts.

And finally, you will want to detoxify your body to promote skin tissue repair and healing.

The following herbs and vitamins will help boost your immune system and start to detoxify:

  • Ashwagandha Extract - energizes your nervous system
  • Burdock Root - a natural antibiotic that helps rid your body of infections and toxins
  • Echinacea - stimulates and boosts your immune system as well as purifying your blood and cleansing your lymph glands.
  • Garlic - a natural antibiotic that boost immune functions
  • Kelp - helps to balance the minerals in your body
  • Kyolic - natural antibiotic
  • Milk Thistle - cleanses your bloodstream and liver
    Red Clover Blossom - a natural antibiotic that is essential in blood and liver purifying also helps to rid your body of bacterial infections
    Suma - helps to boost your immune system
    Vitamin A - is essential in proper immune system function
    Zinc - aids in healing and boosts your immune system
You usually can find the supplements listed here at Wal-Mart or your local health food store. You can also buy them online.
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Many times skin eruptions are directly related to toxicities in your system. Detoxify now and see dramatic improvement in your health.

Click here for an all natural step by step guide to eliminating boils.



   Home Remedies
Note: Home remedies don't work in every situation. These may work for you:

White toothpaste left to dry over night will bring a boil to a head.

Apply ice. Boils need heat to "live".

If you have a home remedy that works, we would like to hear about it. Please tell us.

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