Geri Chair And What It Is Used For

broda geri chair

In general, Geri chair is used in every geriatric health care facilities as well as private in the home. They chairs are versatile, durable, and provide convenience and comfort for both care giver and patient. Looking at the Geri chair images, you can also see there are many styles of the chair too, depending on what attachments and features are added. Geriatric health care facilities, including home health care providers, use the chair for many different uses. Here they are.

The first use is to provide mobility for patients who are unable to walk. Many health care facilities use Geri chair, especially one in upright position, as wheelchairs to mobilize them. The design is narrow, thus the chair will fit perfectly in most hallways and doorways. Apart from that, built-on trays are also often added so that the patient can use it while eating or care gives can utilize as she or he administering mediations.

Secondly, Geri chair is utilized to provide comfort for its patients. It is because of the ergonomic components the chair provides. Those include the contoured back that can provide lumbar and lower back support when the chair is set in upright position. The adjustable headrest can provide neck support, thus preventing stiff neck. The footrest can be pushed easily under the chair when it is not used and patients want to stand. And don’t forget the plush Geri chair cushion. The ergonomic features will allow patients enjoying activities comfortably when in a seating position for a longer period of time.

The back of the chair can recline fully, and this is an important for patients who are recovering from physical trauma or surgery. Apart from that, this makes the Geri chair as a great alternative to transportable hospital bed. The built-in restraint straps the chair has can be used when the doctor orders restraints so a mentally-ill patient can be prevented from wandering off or a patient will not fall during sleep.

Last but not least, the Geri chair is really useful for recovery patients. It is because of the foot elevation feature, which can promote healing. Foot elevation is used when edema, leg fatigue, and bone fractures are treated. Raising the legs can help promoting blood circulation too, especially when patients are seated for a long period of time. The chair is locked into place so patients can sit safely and comfortably until floor rounds are completed by the nurse.

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