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 PABA | Para-aminobenzoic Acid | The Sunscreen Vitamin

What is the importance of PABA ?

PABA is an antioxidant vitamin related to folic acid. It is the 'sunscreen' vitamin used in sunscreen preparations, as it has the ability to protect the skin against excessive ultra-violet light exposure. No recommended daily allowances for PABA have been established, but an allowance of between 30 mg and 100 mg is considered reasonable.

PABA Benefits
It is known for its ability to absorb ultraviolet (UV) light, thus preventing wrinkling of the skin and reducing the risk of skin cancer. It is therefore widely used in sun block preparations. It corrects loss of pigmentation in skin and hair, prevents hair graying and retards hair loss. It also protects the lungs from ozone damage, acts as a coenzyme in the utilization of protein, assists in the formation of red blood cells and enhances the formation of folic acid in the intestine.


How do you know if you need more PABA?

PABA deficiency symptoms include skin conditions such as eczema and wrinkles, fatigue, irritability and depression, senility, arthritis and bursitis.

How much PABA do you need?

No recommended daily allowances for PABA have been established, but an allowance of between 300 mg and 500 mg is considered reasonable.

Do not take PABA for extended periods of time. Every other day for 2 weeks then a week off is recommended. Take time to notice if your dosage is making the changes you expected before continuing.

Always consult your doctor or midwife during pregnancy and lactation.

It is impossible for anyone to tell you how much of any particular vitamin you need. We have read many articles and reports on this subject and no two are alike. There are too many variables involved. Your age, your height and weight, your health and lifestyle, etc. The best way for you to decide which supplements you need is to read these pages and make note of any health problems you may be having which could be associated with a vitamin deficiency. Then start taking a small dose. If your symptoms don't go away after a week or two, increase your dosage. Continue this until your symptoms are relieved and stay with that dosage.

Always start small and work your way up, if needed. Please be careful when dealing with fat soluble vitamins as your body retains these for extended periods of time. It is possible to take to much of these types of vitamins.

How to get enough PABA?

Eating a variety of foods that contain PABA is the best way to get an adequate amount. Healthy individuals who eat a balanced diet rarely need supplements.  Select foods that contain excellent to good sources of PABA each day. Such as the following:
molasses brewer's yeast liver whole grains eggs

In spite of the fact that the body synthesizes PABA, it may not be sufficient for maximum protection and therefore PABA supplements can usefully enhance its beneficial effects. It is best taken as part of a balanced B-vitamin tablet or capsule, unless your doctor or nutritional health practitioner advises otherwise. 

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